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About North Shore, Hawaii

North Shore Oahu, where life moves at the soothing pace of the island's gentle waves. This isn't just a place to live; it's a place to connect with nature's rhythm. Our real estate landscape here in North Shore is as diverse as our beautiful surroundings, from cozy beachfront cottages to luxurious estates nestled against lush green backdrops. The market is dynamic yet steady, reflecting the ever-growing interest in a lifestyle that's both laid-back and invigorating. Whether you're seeking a quiet retreat or a surf-front haven, North Shore's real estate scene offers a slice of paradise for everyone.

Living in North Shore Oahu is about embracing the outdoors and the community. Here, life revolves around the sea, the sun, and the sand. Famous for its world-class surfing spots, particularly during the winter months, the area invites both seasoned surfers and enthusiastic onlookers. But it's not all about surfing; North Shore is also home to stunning hiking trails, organic farms, and local markets. The community vibe is strong and welcoming, with residents often gathering for beach barbecues or cultural festivals. It's a place where every day feels like a mini-vacation, filled with simple joys and the beauty of nature.



What is the housing market like in North Shore today?
The North Shore, Ouahu housing market is somewhat competitive. The median sale price of a home in Waipahu was $805K last month, down 2.3% since last year. The median sale price per square foot in Waipahu is $555, down 24.3% since last year.

How hot is the North Shore housing market?
North Shore is somewhat competitive. Homes sell in 65 days.


The condo market in North Shore, Oahu, is experiencing a trend towards high demand, especially in popular areas like Haleiwa and Waialua. Buyers are attracted to condos in these areas for their proximity to world-renowned beaches, surf spots, and the laid-back lifestyle North Shore offers. The demand is driven by both local buyers and those from the mainland looking for vacation homes or investment properties. The market has seen a rise in prices due to limited inventory and increased interest in beachside living. Condos in North Shore are sought after for their amenities, views, and potential as rental properties, especially given the area's popularity among tourists

Condo prices in North Shore have been steadily increasing, reflecting the overall trend in Hawaii's real estate market. The median price of condos in areas like Haleiwa and Waialua has seen a significant rise over the past few years. The increase can be attributed to the high demand for properties in these prime locations, coupled with the limited number of condos available. Buyers are willing to pay a premium for the convenience, lifestyle, and scenic beauty that North Shore condos offer. Despite the higher price point, the market remains active, with properties often selling quickly.

In North Shore, Oahu, the most in-demand condos are those that offer beachfront or ocean views, as well as those located close to popular surfing spots. Buyers are particularly interested in units that provide modern amenities, such as updated kitchens, spacious layouts, and balconies or lanais with scenic views. Condos that offer a blend of island living with contemporary comforts are highly sought after. Additionally, there is a growing interest in condos within communities that offer additional facilities like swimming pools, fitness centers, and easy access to beaches and outdoor activities.

An emerging trend in the North Shore condo market is the increasing interest in sustainable and eco-friendly living. Buyers are looking for condos that are energy-efficient and have a minimal environmental impact. Another trend is the growing popularity of condos as investment properties, particularly those that can be used as vacation rentals due to the high tourist appeal of the area. Buyers are looking for properties that can provide a good return on investment through rental income. The market is also seeing a trend toward smaller, more affordable units, catering to first-time buyers and those looking for a second home.

Potential buyers should consider the specific location of the condo, as proximity to beaches, surf spots, and local amenities can greatly impact the property's value and appeal. Understanding the homeowners association (HOA) fees and what they cover is also important, as this can affect the overall cost of ownership. Buyers should be aware of the potential for seasonal fluctuations in the area, especially if they plan to use the property as a vacation rental. Additionally, working with a real estate agent who specializes in North Shore properties can provide valuable insights into the market and help find a condo that meets specific needs and investment goals.

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